I am Federica, a web artisan

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My name is Federica Sibella I've got a master degree in engineering and I live in Bergamo, Italy.

I work as a web designer and developer since 2000, I went freelance in 2009: musings.it is my laboratory.

I define myself a web artisan because I love making things that come from deep thinking, I do all my projects by hand and I like to develop them the right way.

My exact job title is freelance web designer & full-stack web developer and this means that I design the website or web app interface and I develp the code both for the back end (server side) and for the front end (client side).

I develop server side using PHP, MySQL/SQLite and client side using HTML5, CSS3, js/jQuery and SVG.

Sometimes I use Open Source CMS like WordPress and Prestashop and I develop both customized themes, plugins and modules.